While on surface turning a webpage into a custom .pdf may seem simple, the tech behind the process is actually quite complicated. In this section we want to cover things that could go wrong (and what we can do about them).

1) You received a 40x (eg a 404) error. This can happen for several reasons, including:

  • Our tech couldn't find sufficiently relevant content to provide a result
  • You have reached your account limits
  • You are on a webpage that we do not support, eg video platforms (youtube), embedded .pdf, etc
  • There was a network error

2) Content (like paragraphs or images) maybe missing. This happens because our technology may have misunderstood content for clutter (eg Ad, footer, header, etc)

3) Duplicate images. Sometimes certain images may appear twice. This is because of the structure of a webpage.

Those, and other reasons, can result to a less than desired outcome. To address them, we have built tools that can fix most of the above-mentioned errors upon request. If you encounter such an error you send us a chat message or complete this form with article ID (starts with: app.myscreenbreak.com/download/)

💡 Pro tip: Allow a webpage to fully load before clicking the extension

Hope above helps and feel free to send us any questions you may have 🙏

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