Now that you have been accustomed with collections (if not, you can read more here), you are one step away from creating and ordering a physical booklet.


You can start the clicking the "Create a booklet" button on your collection.


Your configuration modal will appear. Make sure you select the "Booklet delivered to your door" option and start configuring you booklet. Browse the different tabs, select your preferences and preview each output by clicking the "Build it!" button.


You can swipe through the flipbook and preview each output you have created.

If you wish to explore different options, just click "configure" and the modal above will reappear. If you spot any issue with the booklet that you want to report to us so we can take and look and possibly fix it, just hit the "report an issue" button.
Otherwise, you can add this booklet to your cart!

💡 If you close the tab or go back to your dashboard, you can always find your booklet quickly under the preview section of the "My booklets" tab:


After adding your booklet to your cart, you will need to provide us a delivery address, so we can calculate the production and delivery cost. If you are happy with our quote, you can just click the "ckeckout" button and you will be redirected to our Stripe page to proceed with payment.

That's it 🎊

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