After configuring your publication, you just need to price and publish it!

After clicking the "Publish" button, you will be prompted to check and edit your title and Description, as well as price the booklet.

We have used an example $10 final price of booklet for illustration purposes.

Base Price: This is the cost of the booklet. It includes our productions related costs.

Fees: This is a 10% fee to the net proceed of your booklet (Your price - Base Price). This is for all the transaction and remittances costs.

Net Profit: Your price - Base Price - Fees.

Note: You are free to select your Booklet price, however you cannot set it below the base price. We allow an equal to Base price, for those who want to distribute their work without any personal profit.

Similarly, for the .PDF version, we charge a 15% fee, while minimum price has to be $5.

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